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Amritaghateswarar- Abirami Temple - History

There are several inscriptions in the temple belonging to the Medieval Cholas. On the southern wall in the central shrine, there is an inscription from the 13th regnal year of Rajaraja I indicating stipulation of paddy to the temple by a merchant in return to offer of land to the temple offered. Another record in the temple indicates the record (ARE 242 of 1925) of a gift of paddy to the temple by Rajendra Chola for conducting eight-day temple festival annually. A third record on the same wall indicates record dated to 1054 AD from the reign of Rajadhiraja Chola records a gift of land by a devotee to feed 17 devotees. The fourth record (ARE 244 of 1925) in the shrine from the period of Kulothunga Chola I indicates the Mahasabha of Tirukadavur selling 1.74 velis of land that had been lying fallow for 50 years. An interesting inscription from the outer precinct from the period of Rajaraja II indicates confiscation of lands from a custodian of a temple who colluded with Vaishanvites (worshipers of Vishnu). There are several inscriptions indicating donations for performing art, drama, dance and music. The temple is maintained and administered by the Dharmapuram Adheenam. Thirukadaiyur temple hotels

Abhirami Pattaar (Thirukadaiyur temple hotels)

At this temple, towards the beginning of the sixteenth century, there lived a staunch devotee of the goddess Abhirami named Subramanian. He loved the goddess so much that he saw her everywhere and in everyone, but especially in all women. Any woman that entered the temple he would offer flowers to, worshiping her as the living embodiment of the goddess.

One day, King Saraboji visited the temple as Subramanian was meditating on the glories of Abhirami. Seeing that Subramanian did not bow before him as he entered the temple, the king became irritated. He asked one of the devotees in the temple who this man was that refused to recognize him. One priest told the king that Subramanian was mad, worshiping all women as the Divine Mother and showering them with flowers. However, another priest of the temple overheard this and corrected the man, saying that Subramanian was truly a saint and a great devotee of Mother Abhirami.

The king, confused by the two conflicting accounts of who this man was, decided to put Subramanian to the test. Therefore, he asked Subramanian whether today was a full moon day or a new moon day. At that time, Subramanian was still absorbed in meditation on the Divine Mother, seeing her shining face in his mind. Subramanian, seeing the Goddess’ face and mistaking it for the moon, responded to the king saying that it was a full moon day when it was actually a new moon day. The king, deciding that Subramanian must be mad, ordered that he be burnt at dusk if the moon failed to appear. After some time, the king’s army awakened Subramanian and ordered him to come with them to be executed for his madness. On returning to ordinary consciousness, Subramanian realized that he had mistaken the face of the Divine Mother for the full moon, making him say it was a full moon day when, in actuality, it was a new moon day. Thirukadaiyur temple hotels

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